ZAKA Recherches & Secours

ZAKA Recherches & Secours

Hundreds of mounted drives, intended for rapid medical intervention in peak times and long before the arrival of the first ambulance.

The unit was established due to the exposure of ZAKA volunteers to many bereavement and grief events and disasters, and the organization saw the need to provide a faster response to save lives quickly. The unit consists of hundreds of volunteers who have gone through various first aid courses, including senior medics, ambulance drivers, paramedics and even doctors. In most cases, the volunteers come First to the scene because they are deployed everywhere, and upon receiving the call, simply leave everything and rush to the scene of the event as early as possible to give the fastest and most professional initial response. Each volunteer is equipped with walkie-talkies and summoning devices for immediate location and is rushed to the scene of the event by the call center.

The twenty longest minutes in the life of G. used as an ambulance driver when he tried to make his way to the market of the four sexes.

On the eve of Sukkot, a call was received at the MDA hotline about a baby girl whose head had been hit by a ceiling that had fallen on her. An ambulance was called to the scene and tried to weave through the alleys that were densely packed with vehicles. The sirens did not help much. By the time the medics arrived, on foot, to the baby girl, it was already too late. The next day, the toddler died and left the rescue forces with many thoughts.

As a requested response, in 2001, for the first time in Israel, ZAKA established the “Rapid Rescue Motorcycle Unit”. The goal was to provide the fastest response in medical emergencies. The quick start and short response time of these motorcycles save precious minutes in every incident where lives can still be saved. The motorcycle works wonders, weaves through the traffic jams and cars, reaches the scene at record speed, and it does not need a parking space.

The unit, which when it was established was a sensational innovation in the field, became in a short time a blessed model to follow. The high mobility, the sophisticated equipment and the quick and professional treatment have proven to save the lives of dozens of people. The unit, which is constantly in the process of expansion, currently has over a hundred motorcycles deployed all over the country and are the spearhead of the emergency medicine system of the State of Israel.

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