ZAKA Recherches & Secours

ZAKA Recherches & Secours

ZKA’s special units began operating in 2004 under the name “Missing Persons Tracing Unit”, which mainly dealt with assisting and searching for missing people with Alzheimer’s disease who lost their way, or those who left a suicide note and disappeared and the race to find them before they carried out their intentions and alternatively to locate their body became necessary. The unit’s activity It was done while investigating the event and creating a clue that would lead the searchers to the place of the missing find.

The year 2005 was a year in which the need to strengthen the professional capacity of the unit for locating missing persons was identified, after the unit’s volunteers were asked to assist countless times in locating missing persons in water and even on land.

During the year, the divers unit and the search and rescue dog unit were established, which from the day of their establishment were jumped in and assisted in searches in dozens of missing persons cases.

At a later stage, the need for searches for missing people above the surface of the sea was identified, and there was also a need for the rapid transportation of divers to the search location, and the solution to this was found in the establishment of a vessel unit named after Sapir – the daughter of the unit’s commander.

As the volunteers of the units were exposed to the search tasks and the need for them, the professional needs required to assist the volunteers in their mission to create something from nothing were identified.

This is how the unit for search and rescue dogs developed, which managed to achieve a unique operational level in Israel and even receives great interest in the world due to the dogs’ ability to locate any person in distress without the need for clothing or an early detection of the missing person.

The extensive array surrounding the issue of locating missing people overwhelmed the need to reach places impassable by normal vehicles, and in 2009 an ‘all-terrain vehicle unit’ was established. Many dozens of volunteers with 4×4 vehicles are deployed to search for missing persons in Horsha’s all-terrain cells and also assist in transporting diving equipment and sailing vessels on the beaches accordingly During the year, the volunteers are invited to dozens of missing persons events.

The special units work with modesty and determination in all emergency descriptions and are awarded the highest professional achievements.

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